Guided Imagery Meditation for Relaxation

Guided imagery meditation is a very creative type of meditation, where you will work with your imagination and stimulate your senses with only your mind. Guided Imagery is therefore also a fairly powerful type of meditation and can be used for many things such as stress relief or influencing the law of attraction. In this article I will focus on meditating for the sake of feeling relaxation and harmony.

Why should you do guided imagery meditation? This type of meditation is great for people who feel stressed out and just need some time each day to clear their head and find some harmony. In this world that we live in there, are so many stress factors that creates a feeling of exhaustion, tiredness and feeling worn-out both physically and psychologically. Therefore it is extremely important to take the warning signs seriously and start improving our health the best way we can. Meditation is an easy tool to use to prevent a feeling of stress in a natural way. But you may think that you do not have time for meditation.

If you are one of those people with busy lives and hardly take any breaks during the day, you probably think that meditation is too time consuming for you. But trust me when I say that meditation do not have to take hours to do and even short meditations can also be extremely beneficial. So time will not be a problem even for very busy people. No, the challenge will be in disciplining yourself to do your meditation on a daily bases. At first it will feel like a chore and something that you have to do, but after a while you will actually start to enjoy it more and feel like it is something you really want to do.

Guided imagery meditation will give you a place where you can go to whenever you feel like taking a break. You will work on creating your own peaceful place in your mind, where you can totally relax and be at peace anytime you need it. You will learn to use your senses and create smell, pictures, sound and tastes with your mind so that you can be able to completely sense the environment of the place, which you have created.

Which location to choose?

You can choose whatever scenery you want, as long as it is a place where you feel comfortable and at peace. Use your imagination and create what appeals to you. You may want to start with something more realistic such as a place in the nature, which is a great place to choose, as it is relaxing and helps with your grounding and connecting to the earth. The Beach - beaches are very cleansing and refreshing for the mind. You will be able to feel more clearheaded as you will let the waves of the sea wash over you and the fresh wind clear your mind.

A Garden - a garden environment is mostly a very comfortable and secure location. Besides being really peaceful and calming, gardens are often a private place and that helps you feel secure and safe.

A Flower Field - here you have the opportunity to create a beautiful landscape and really work with colours. You will therefore especially work with your visual sense, as you will have to see the beauty of this field.

A River - rivers are great for total relaxation. Water has a special rhythmic sound that will create balance harmony. The sound of water will make you relax and clear your mind.

A Mountain - this is an interesting scenery, as it can create a more heavenly feeling. Being at these great heights will almost feel like flying and the quietness and white surroundings can give you a feeling of being closer to the Divine.

Jessica Tanner - My interest in meditation and spiritual work is something I have had for quite some time now. I am no expert in the field what so ever, though I do believe I have some knowledge to share, and hopefully it will help you.
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