Grounding Meditation Exercise

Grounding Meditation

Grounding is a meditation technique that connects you to the earth and nature. It makes you feel grounded and steady and in balance and is a great preparation meditation exercise to practice before different types of energy work and meditation. Grounding meditation can also be practiced alone as a way for you to feel calm and peaceful. It is a quite enjoyable type of meditation and if you really try to use your imagination for visualization, it will give you some really good results and make you feel really wonderful afterwards. So try this simple meditation technique and really try to feel the energy of the earth and how it combines with your energy body.

Before you start you must find a place where you are going to do your meditation. It must be a quiet and peaceful place where there are no distractions nearby such as your television, mobile phone, computer, etc. Also you have to make sure that no one is going to interrupt you during your meditation and in that way steal your focus. So sit on a chair at this chosen place and take a short time to settle till your body is calm and you are ready to proceed. Let your feet be placed flat on the ground.

Grounding Exercise

Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1

Close your eyes and take a long deep breath through your nose and allow it to fill your stomach and chest. Exhale the air and feel how it is able to removes worries and negativity from your body and mind. Take another deep breath and direct it to your tense muscles and negative energy spots. Exhale the air and make yourself feel more relaxed and calm.

Step 2

Now focus on your legs and feet. Imagine that roots are very slowly growing from your feet and into the ground every time you exhale. So take a deep breath and then exhale the air through your feet making your roots grow even longer. Visualize them move through the ground and soil and arrive at the center of the earth, where a glowing energy ball is located.

Step 3

Now see and feel how your roots are absorbing energy from the energy ball and filling your entire body with energy. Continue to absorb energy till you feel all energized and then pull back your roots and take a moment to feel your new energy level in your body before you slowly open your eyes.

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