Getting Answers With Guided Imagery – It’s As If You Were Psychic!

We all have access to much more information than we can hold in our limited intellect. Consider the way professional psychics and intuitives operate. (I'm talking here about the real ones, not the fake ones.) Prior to meeting a new client, a good psychic normally knows nothing about them, so their intellect is basically blank on the subject. But somehow it's as if they can pull information out of thin air. Guided imagery and guided meditation can help give you some of the same ability that psychics and intuitives have.

The main difference between psychics and normal people is that psychics are more open to input and impressions. The information a psychic brings forward is already present, but it's just out of reach of the intellect. Whether they have a natural gift, or learned to cultivate the ability, they can reach beyond the intellect and access that information, or put another way, can open and allow it in.

Guided imagery can help you open to do the same thing. The key is in the setup. In order to have the same kind of openness a psychic has, you need to be relaxed, loose, and in a state of enhanced awareness.

A good guided meditation will first help you relax. Soft background music, gentle narration, and a script that takes you to a very comfortable inner space handles that first requirement. Then you need something to engage your interest, to get your imagination revved up. If the topic of the script is something you care about, whether it's nature scenes or auto racing, you'll have an easier time being engaged. So, if it's about nature, the narrator may guide you to a mountainside, a beach, or a meadow with a rainbow. If it's about auto racing you might be in the stands at a track, or you might be the race car driver.

At that point, you should be fully relaxed and engaged in the story -- "in the movie", so to speak. That's when the narration should open a door for you, by suggesting that you see, hear, feel, become aware of, or know something new. (Tip: You'll get the most milage out of looking for information that pertains directly to you and your path in life.) One way to receive the information is from a person, animal, or other being who's part of the meditation story, and reveals something.

You can find a number of programs that help you learn something new about yourself at the author's website, The Healing Waterfall. Max Highstein loves showing people how to access information, especially when it comes to healing and personal growth, through guided imagery and meditation.

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