Free Bodhi! And benefit innumerable beings, including yourself

FreeBodhi_510x510On Monday we launched a major crowdfunding effort here at Wildmind.

Wildmind’s aim is to transform society by promoting mindfulness and compassion. We do this by teaching Buddhist meditation.

What we do

We do a lot. More than 1.5 million people visit our site each year. Our most popular web page (not counting the home page) has been read by half a million people. Our most popular blog post has been read more than a quarter of a million times. Hundreds of thousands of people have learned to meditate here — for free. We also publish guided meditation CDs, which help fund our activities, and those have reached hundreds of thousands of people as well.

And mostly it’s been me, Bodhipaksa (aka “Bodhi,” and sometimes aka “Mr. B”) running the show. I have a part-time office worker, Shantikirika, who deals with our online store. And a volunteer in Canada (Linda Robertson) helps with the blog. Apart from that, it’s all me.

Why we need to free Bodhi

Because we have such a small team, I end up spending a lot of my time doing admin of various kinds, from publicizing events to maintaining our social media presence, to photographing products that we sell in our store. And I also write blog posts, run free guided meditation sessions in Google Plus Hangouts (which you can see on my Youtube channel), correspond with people who write to me asking for advice about meditation, and run the Wildmind Community on Google Plus.

The admin really gets in the way of the teaching work I do, and so I need more help in the office. Actually, I need someone to run the office, so that I can concentrate on writing and teaching. That’s why we’re fundraising.

I have seen the future, and his name is Mark

We’ve found the perfect person to be Wildmind’s business manager. He’s smart, detail-oriented, a great planner, and a man with a big heart and a passion for helping people. His name is Mark Tillotson.

It’s our aim to raise $22,000 so that we can pay Mark to work here for six months, during which time he’ll free me up to teach. Following on from our 100 Day Meditation Challenge and our 100 Days of Lovingkindness from earlier this year, Mark has already helped me to develop a stunning program of activities for 2014, which we’ll be announcing shortly.

What about after that six month period? The $22,000 is seed money. Seeds grow. And Mark’s presence here will help free me up so that I can bring out more CDs and write books — the kinds of things that have been the core of Wildmind’s support since we started.

You can support our Free Bodhi Fund by visiting our project page at Indiegogo.

What’s in it for you?

Apart from the good karma and the warm glow of supporting an organization that does a lot of good in the world, we’re offering you perks for supporting us. You can give whatever you like; we have perks for all levels of donations:

  • $5 donation: We’ll send you a $5 coupon for our store, which you can use to download guided meditation MP3s. What a deal!
  • $15 donation: We’ll send you a $15 coupon for our store, which you can use to download guided meditation MP3s.
  • $50 donation: You’ll receive a set of six guided meditation CDs by Bodhipaksa: Guided Meditations, Guided Meditations for Stress Reduction, Guided Meditations for Busy People, The Heart’s Wisdom, Sacred Sound, Mindfulness Meditations for Teens. (We’ll even pay the shipping.)
  • $108 donation: You’ll participate in a four-week online meditation course led by Bodhipaksa, which includes guided meditation MP3s. (Normally this costs $120.)
  • $250 donation: You’ll become a member of Wildmind’s Life Member Program, which gives you access to the course materials from eight online meditation courses, which include readings and guided meditation MP3s. You can also choose one of Bodhipaksa’s guided meditation CDs.
  • $500 donation: As well as access to our Life Member Program you’ll also receive two hours of one-on-one meditation coaching from Bodhipaksa, either on Skype on in a Google+ Hangout.

We do hope you’ll support us, both by becoming a donor and by sharing our project with your friends and social media contacts. This is the most important thing we’ve ever done at Wildmind. It’s really going to free me up so that I can teach more. And that’s going to help not only you, but hundreds of thousands — even millions — of other people.

You can give at our Indiegogo project page.

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