Feeling Safe and Secure With Divine Protection

Today, more than ever it is important to realize that you can feel safe and secure with Divine Protection.

Yet, if you are anything like most people, you are more than likely wondering what does feeling safe and secure with Divine Protection really mean?

And I wonder if you'll be surprised when you find yourself listening to your voice of intuition, wisdom and understanding, as it speaks to your heart so that you can stay alert to the world that is around you.

Now let yourself begin to take practical steps to protect yourself and your family both while you are at home and away from home.

This might be as simple as taking precautionary measures such as using the seat belts in your car or changing the batteries in your home's smoke alarms. Conversely, it could be checking on a friend or loved one if your intuition tells you to.

Starting now you fully understand that you are an expression of divine wisdom and love and that as you follow the guidance and direction of that divine wisdom and love you fully become aware of the fact that you are safe and protected in every way.

Today I don't know how long you will wait to begin to consistently meditate on a daily basis, however I want you to understand, just understand that when you meditate on a daily basis you are actually empowering yourself to listen to that voice of intuition, wisdom and understanding that is residing within you as Divine Love, Joy and Peace.

The more often you connect with the Divine that is residing within you the more often you will feel safe and secure knowing that Divine Protection is with you always.

You'll also be glad to know that the practice of Yoga Nidra which is a guided meditation technique is one of the most effective ways for you to meditate on a daily basis as it has been proven to be an essential ingredient for many people who meditate to tap into that Love, Joy and Peace that is within us all.

So don't forget, if you want to fully realize that you are safe and secure with Divine Protection then meditating on a daily basis with the practice of Yoga Nidra or one of the other highly effective meditation techniques is going to help you experience the kind of peace of mind you've been longing for.

Thaddeus Ferguson has dedicated himself to the cause of helping people heal themselves first in order to help heal the world during this amazing time of transformation.

The practice of Meditation and/or Yoga Nidra is just one of the many powerful tools that you can use in order to help Heal You First.

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