Exploring the Benefits of Meditation

It is widely accepted that Meditation is a relaxation and spiritual growth practice that leads to a great sense of well-being for those who practice regularly. But just how does meditation do this? And what are the benefits that meditators can expect? This article seeks to explore these questions, so that you too can realize the many benefits of meditation and perhaps start using this simple and positive therapy that has been practiced for thousands of years.

One of the eventualities that have been observed to be caused by high levels of stress in the body is chronic infections. The effect of stress in your body is therefore not just limited to your mind feeling tired. Stress has been linked with the inhibition of the body to create new white blood cells, which are important in our body's defense of opportunistic infections.

Through meditation, the effects of stress are reversed and patients suffering from chronic infections are seen to respond better to medication and they also enjoy a greater sense of wellbeing. The effects of lower stress levels in a healthy individual are observed by an increased level of alertness, which ultimately leads to increased productivity in the work that is performed in a person's daily endeavor.

Following regular meditation practices, people have been shown to experience lower blood pressure, as the calm conditions when the meditation is performed leads to a decrease in the heart rate. In doing this the bodies use of oxygen is more efficient and thus more cells are fully nourished - leading to a body state where you feel rejuvenated.

If you are worried by the ageing process, particularly in regards to the mind, then the practice of meditation is highly recommended as people who undertake regular meditation have been shown to age less quickly, and have their minds working with higher capacity even in their later years. The reason to this is because the regular practice of meditation lowers Cortisol, a hormone that is associated with increased ageing of the brain.

If you practice habits that are regarded as life-damaging; such as drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and using other drugs, then you can employ the use of meditation as it has been observed that people who practice meditation on a regular basis quit these habits easier than people who do not practice meditation.

It should be noted that the above outlined effects of meditation are not seen immediately - and patience should be employed for the progress you expect to achieve. You should also not be worried by practice sessions you might find difficult, as growth comes from challenge, and these hurdles will become smaller in time.

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