Don’t Learn to Meditate (Until You Try THIS First!)

Are you planning on learning how to meditate? Have you read about the bevy of beautiful benefits that a daily meditative practice can bring to your life? Do you want to be more relaxed, look more youthful, deepen you own spiritual practice or simply be more focused and FREE? The truth is, meditation is one of the most amazing natural technologies for transformation, and as I'm sure most who have tried it can attest, not only can it CHANGE you at your very feels GREAT to boot!

But to sing about the praises of meditation, which are 100% true...but FAIL to mention one very important fact...would be very deceiving. (and I refuse to deceive!)

The fact is, MOST people who begin a meditative practice NEVER make much progress at all.

As a matter of fact, according to some studies, less than 5 out of every 100 people who try meditation are doing it regularly 6 months later. And when you extend the time frame out to a year, only about 2% of people who enthusiastically embraced meditation a year earlier are still practicing it every day.

I'm going to tell you the biggest reason that this happens...AND the easiest way to overcome it as well.

The reason most people STOP meditating so quickly?

It's TOUGH! It's not nearly as easy to quiet your mind as those "zen commercials" promise, and most people find more than 5 or 6 minutes of sitting in silence completely overwhelming. Believe it or not, the ancient Buddhist meditation teachers called this difficulty "monkey mind", or the incessant chatter that goes on in EACH of our heads while we try to sit in silence, breathe deeply and simply "be" in the moment.

And as funny as it sounds...thousands of years remains a pretty big problem!

The very BEST way to overcome the "boredom" of trying to meditate for beginners and advanced practitioners alike?

Use TECHNOLOGY to transform your awareness, deepen your practice and kick your consciousness into an altered state with rapid fire turn around time...rather than waiting 30, 40 or 50 minutes for that magical meditative moment to kick in.

For example...

It can take many years for a meditators brain to reach deep levels of alpha, delta or theta waves...states well known to induce transformative experiences. Yet, using sound waves that are specifically created to entrain the brain and synchronize the natural neural wave patterns, these deep states are often available to beginning meditators, often within moments.

My confession?

While I'm a devout believer in meditating everyday today...and while meditation has truly changed my life in more ways than I can count, had it NOT been for technology, I never would have stuck with it at all! And rather than being one of the lucky ones who sings the praises of meditation to thousands of people around the world on a regular basis, I would have been a sad statistic instead.

My best advice to you?

Don't try meditating without music, or sound, or some sort of guided process to help you deepen your enjoyment, and your enthusiasm for the experience!

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