Does Spiritual Awareness and Meditation Go Hand in Hand?

At the moment that all thought cease, there is only awareness, the peaceful silence that leads to the feeling of freedom and peace. But this silence should not be absolute inaction and detachment from reality. Rather, it is a clear and pure vision, both from within us and from all around.

If firmly speaking, all the importantly big questions about life and our place in it have their answers in the depths of our beings; as if tattooed with the ink of love, this cannot be separated or deviated from the eternal connection of the interior-exterior duality, your reality, which is as real as your connection of your heart, the same side of the same coin, since the other side of that coin is only emptiness (endless struggle of the mind, ignorance). Thus to meditate, is to dive in reality, with our whole being, making us one. With meditation we expand our awareness of ourselves to something that we think we cannot reach "our soul"

Our suffering is manifested at times, by a terrible sense of suffocating individuality (the other side of that coin), in affirmation of what we believe to be our ego, by our aversions and attachments, respectively associated with our flight from what is painful and unpleasant, always identifying the need to continue what we feel to be good, and by our fears, rooted in the depths of our minds reason, that we at times need to keep them there, so we can try to ignore and forget them. How is that possible?

Therefore, we may say that life's busy surface makes us feel to look inside, and really seek our inner selves (and not just be enclosed by our ego) to connect with that sacred sense of worthiness, to realize there is no inner, or outer, but rather, simply "our connection".

Beyond the suffering caused by ego, aversions, attachments and fears, our contact with the world is sometimes painful for spiritually attuned hearts. The oppositions, the passions, the desires that are never fully satisfied, all these attachment wear down our well-being. We fear losing what we have and at times even feel fearful being who we are, thus, how can we tie down a bird who is ready to fly away and experience its journey with all its joy, beauty and at times challenges, as such, just like strong winds, opposing force, in that moment everything is uncertain, we enter a terrain of force, mystery, of restlessness. This is because we pressure the mind to reach, what it cannot, awareness.

And that's when we start to listen intuitively, attentively, fully, sinking into the roots of heart consciousness; this is neither caused intentionally nor forced by intellect, but is free and spontaneous, it just comes, from a calm that comes from a mind free of comparisons, interpretations and judgments. Thus, only the calm waters will reflect the stars. Free your mind from too many words, a constant and destructive noise, which strays from the real point. The mechanisms of, ego, suppression, denial,, as that only strengthen our fears. And again, the problem is not what we have or have not, nor who we are, but feelings like selfishness, greed and vanity is the cause of fears.

Look inside yourself; see the good that is tattooed with the ink of love, with it you can learn to develop the muscle of will, to grow, to connect. Nobody here on earth can give you what your own heart holds. It's better to listen to it, open it, don't need to hide or hold on to the knob with the hands of doubts and fears.

When you truly open your heart and let it connect, you will be aware, free to fly away to that timeless & sacred place from which much compassion already binds you. The tie can never be broken. Ignore we may, but the silent call will only get louder and louder.

Learn to meditate, because meditation is one of the most complete ways you can connect to your heart. To meditate is first of all, a conscious effort of the mind to clear away the road blocks that leads to your hearts "awareness". Once reached, it will lead you to experience your inner beauty, thus, beauty of others, of nature, of spirituality, of your connection, and of the world as a whole. And in time, and with patience, it will unite in the constant discovery and expansion of your inner beauty and everything that encompasses you, then you may reason as to, there is only one side of the coin that is of benefit to you. Your awareness, so you can share more of "YOU"

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