Dealing With Emotions With Meditation

It is important to appreciate the power of your feelings. We often disguise our true feelings - an apparent calm that hides emotions ablaze. Therefore, we unconsciously are affecting our well-being. If we are consumed by strong feelings, it is hard to be neutral and objective. We tend to become rigid, closed in our opinion. It is the typical reaction of shaking knees - impulsivity - the result of years of conditioning, the product of emotional patterns that have become so entrenched that emerge automatically.

However, meditation helps to break these patterns, it has the potential to turn around the negativity, and ultimately correct our attitudes. The next time you invade a fury, or someone has touched a sensitive spot, try to create an interval of time before reacting. This allows you wondering for a moment on the validity of your negative emotional reactions, not to judge or criticize for a moment. Causes react in a way undermined, rather than act purely by reflex.

When you 'miss' your impulsivity, you can reverse the impulses of your life. Understand that you assign weight or importance to your thoughts, actions and reactions. Fill them with meaning.
Emotions that emerge from meditation

Many of us are used to suppress our true feelings, particularly anger. Unresolved conflicts and the psychological issues are recorded in our subconscious, where they raise, but as the practice of meditation will end up with your mental and bustle creates space in your mind, you are giving problems deeper buried in your mind the possibility of coming to the surface.

Such a transfer cannot be operated in a single experience, it is a slow process in which a change in consciousness, perhaps higher, leading to the initiation of new experiences.

The release of emotions

One way to get rid of anger is to feel and write a letter to the person you're angry. Do not worry about grammar and do not omit any of your feelings. Then put the letter aside for two or three days (not more). It is not intended to be sent to the recipient, only serves for your personal enlightenment. Read it carefully, add whatever you want, and then re-set it aside for two or three days. Take it again, reread it one last time and then destroy it.

On a sheet of paper, write down everything you think about it - the stories, experiences, feelings. For example, if you have problems with anger, write what has triggered this rage, because you feel angry, thoughts and behaviors that your emotional state is to engender. Then in another sheet of paper write down the reason that your anger is justified.

Then go to your place of meditation. Finally, burn everything written on this subject, speak words of relief and let go all thoughts and feelings that need to be released.

Meditation is the best way that we have to control wath goes on in our mind. If you want to know more about how to meditate properly, then you can start today doing so. Learning how to meditate can take some time, but it is all worth it.

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