Can You Really Heal Yourself With Meditation?

Meditation has long been sought as the key to seeking mental balance, but what about the rest of your body? What can meditation do for self-healing and how can it honestly help us mend our wounds. Aside from the obvious improvements in health: Physically, emotionally, and mentally, meditation empowers you for greater chance at success, improved health, relationships, and even financial benefits! You start by never limiting yourself beliefs, never let anything get in the way of obtaining your desire, not even fear. Try spreading a little to get a little! Spreading a little love will go a long way in creating a positive aura around you that will only help with good things to come your way.

What good do all these positive vibrations do anyways? Well if you suffer from emotional instability, depression, or mood swings; meditation can go a long way to relieving a great deal of what is ailing you. It's even a fact that people with an active faith or belief system that aids them in attaining a positive outlook have better outcomes in medicine, surgery, mental health, and addiction. People who practice meditation are said to have lower medication rates, faster recovery rates, better quality of life, and a better resistance to illnesses.

Essentially there is no separation from your mind and body. Your mind is connected to every working cell in your body and they communicate through electromagnetic and chemical reactions in your brain. It is said that in some way our thoughts can influence these inner workings and in end help in avoiding disease and aid in healing. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so if your brain is weak then your body will reflect this. You possess authority over your body, by means of your mind. Your brain has the power to heal the physical problems that are going on in your body, and using meditation can assist you learn to fight disease, and cure illnesses.

Meditation has a longstanding history throughout the world. It is defined in a lot of different ways but it can be summed up as a practice of clearing your mind by focusing on a sound, object, image, breath, or movement to increase your immediate awareness. It reduces stress, promotes relaxation, and enhances personal spiritual growth. It is proven that meditation can reduce anxiety and depression overall promoting a healthy state of mind. With this clear mind one has the ability to heal much quicker, since the body has more time to focus on itself. "Meditation cultivates an emotional stability that allows the meditator to experience intense emotions fully while simultaneously maintaining perspective on them" Shree Maa.

There has been actual research done showing that when people meditate, they can alter their brain's biochemistry, which they believe is the key to how it affects our physical health. It essentially changes the neural makeup of our brains, enabling you to react appropriately to any sources of stress. In particular it is believed to affect the left prefrontal cortex of the brain, which is associated with concentration planning, thinking about thinking, and good feelings. Studies in depression and anxiety have shown decreased activity in this part of the brain when the aforementioned symptoms are present.

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