But I’m Too Hyper To Meditate!

Are you one of those antsy-type of people who are often and incessantly bouncing a foot, tapping a pen, biting your nails, or otherwise fidgeting? Do you find that sitting still for extensive period of times is a test?

It might just be that sitting still to meditate is not the right type of meditation for you. If you would wish to learn how to meditate, then walking meditation might possibly just be a more useful choice for you.

If you have never heard of walking meditation before - don't worry. It is not as strange as it sounds. It is easy to learn and very effective tool for combating stress, especially when it is used on a regular basis.

Walking meditation comes in a slew of original forms. However, an easy one for you to get started with is to just solely concentrate on your foot hitting the solid ground with each step -- saying, "Left, right, left, right" with the relevant step.

The purpose of walking meditation is to allow you to hone in your thoughts as you pay attention to your feet hitting the pavement or walking up a flight of stairs; rather than just allowing your thoughts to run wild.

Here are a few ideas to help you get started with walking meditation.

1) While you are walking, you should shift your attention to your feet.

2) Be sure to walk at an average pace, or even thinking about walking at a slower pace in order to allow you to have increased focus on your steps.

3) Pay attention to the sensation that you feel as you take each step. Do you notice pressure, tingling, prickling?

4) As you take each step on your left foot, silently declare to yourself "left." Do the same for your right foot until you're in a steady tempo of "left, right; left, right."

5) If you see yourself getting distracted and all of a sudden realize that you are getting your lefts and rights mixed up then you have lost focus. Just begin over again from step # 1 and you'll soon enough be back on track.

Set aside a bit of time each day to do your walking meditation; you can absolutely make this a useful part of your day. Try it when you walk to and from the train station, while taking your dog for a walk in the morning, or going up a flight of stairs in your home.

Make a plan for yourself to discern just how many ways you are able to fit walking meditation into your life each and every day! What a great way to keep moving in a productive way that can also help you to focus and relieve a little bit of stress!

Kaylee Murphy is a psychotherapist who helps people manage and reduce stress in order to have more joy, freedom and better health. To get her free ebook so you can learn easy and clever stress reduction techniques visit her website today =====> http://www.kayleedmurphy.com.

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