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Traditional moo doe masters realized that all rudiments of the environment worked with nature and that each living organism has life consisting of their own unique strengths and properties. All life has its own trail through nature; as the wind follows a meticulous path, a tree bends to the surrounding elements, or the environment and natural movement of each animal gives its own unique strengths. Such wisdom led to understanding the principles of life and how the human mind and body can balance with nature to continuously build internal and external strengths without damage to the mind and body.

A traditional moo doe master has the foundation of the wisdom of nature's principles necessary to properly teach and demonstrate incredible skills and abilities. Today, as it had been throughout the centuries, it is very rare to find a true traditional moo doe master who can truly teach and demonstrate the incredible strengths of traditional moo doe. Even more valuable is the unlimited development of amazing invisible, internal vigor that allows inner peace to be achieved.

Human being persevere in ten worlds, their life stipulation is scrolled in the ten worlds. In which hell is the least and the last one and the Buddha is the first and the top most one, the mid ones are like animalist, hunger, poverty etc; we as a human being are scrolled up in these ten worlds, a state of hell is very much predictable; a person lies in hell in arrogance.and comes up in the eagle peak, that is again the Buddha land by doing this human revolution; that is plateful the man kind.

You will be flabbergasted and thinking that how oom yung doe is related to these ten worlds, as this is the practice of martial art, which gives you the true spirit or the wisdom to get the right conviction to follow the human kind and do your human revolution through its meditation sacred spiritual power.

By practicing a moving meditation technique, a practioner develops a calm clarity of mind and heart which enables them to go deeper and deeper. You must foster faith in your self and in your self belief that what you are doing is correct. This gives you a mental peace. Meditation is an art form which enables you to attain the eagle peak. That is the level where a human being attains Buddha hood that's again where you are extremely and enormously happy and you think for others happiness, you don't get distracted from your day to day struggles. Oom yung doe meditation helps you to engrave all this in your heart.

Oom Yung Doe teaches a combination of East Asian martial arts that allows students of all ages to benefit from a wide variety of movements (hard, soft, long and short forms). Oom Yung Doe, Oom Yung

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