Breathing Meditation – Three Benefits to This Simple Exercise

There are many schools of meditation that complicate this perfectly natural process which we should all be able to put into practice. But if we remove the dogma and take something as simple as breathing meditation and put it into practice the benefits that you will experience are life changing.

Breathing meditation leads to quieting the mind from the barrage of negative self-talk that is rampant in nearly all of us. This negative self-talk is the cause for most of our issues in life. Quieting that internal critic will be greatly beneficial to you leading a happier life.

Breathing meditation can slice right through the stress that you are experiencing in the moment. How often have we heard that when we are upset, we must pause, breathe deep and then count from one to ten. This is the simplest practice of meditation and while effective at changing your state and quelling your anger, it is merely a stepping stone to other more effective forms of breathing meditation.

Slow Down the Mind

With breathing meditation, the simple process of concentrating on each inhale and exhale will begin to slow the chatter in the mind. For example, with Zen Meditation, the simplest breathing meditation is to count each sequence of inhalation and exhalation as one breath. Do this till you've counted sequentially from one breath to ten breaths, then count backwards again.

Breathing Meditation Practice

It is best to sit down on the floor cross-legged for your breathing meditation with your spine as erect as possible. If it is too uncomfortable to sit on the floor you may use a cushion like a Japanese zafu and / or zabuton to sit on, or if you are physically unable to, simply sit in a chair.

As you inhale, imagine the clean, purifying air come down from the heavens through the top of the head and exiting straight down through your bottom. If you are in a chair, then imagine it traveling all the way through the souls of your feet. Then when you exhale, imagine all the negative energy, bad thoughts, and anything impure leaving out through your nose.

Continue this sequence over and over for at least ten minutes per sitting and working, ideally, up to twenty-one minutes total each day. This particular breathing meditation is incredibly effective at increasing your energy levels as you are quite literally purifying your energy meridians in your body.

I hope that you find this exercise useful in your quest to live a happier, less stressful life.

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