Brainwave Entertainment Through Brainwave Stimulation

The brain is said to operate at different frequencies based on the kind of activity that a person is currently involved in. When people are wide awake and active, their brain is said to be in the beta state. People who practice meditation try to bring the brain to a relaxed state which is known as the alpha state. Further relaxation takes the brain to the theta and delta levels which almost all people experience when they are asleep or dreaming.

It has been found that the brain can be influenced by external sounds played at particular frequencies to enter into one of these relaxed states. Altering the frequency of the brain wave through external stimulation for the purpose of entering into altered states of consciousness is known as brain wave entertainment.

Binaural beats and isochronic tones are some of the sounds that are used to alter the frequency in which the brain operates. It is essential to use headphones while listening to binaural beats, as the sounds are played at two different frequencies, one for each year. Since each ear is not supposed to hear what the other ear is hearing, the use of headphones becomes necessary.

Binaural beats can help people reach a relaxed state of mind. The body would feel heavy and the person would be unable to move the body freely. The whole body would become relaxed from head to toe. Some people will be able to see vivid colors and patterns while listening to the sounds. Some would feel a separation of the conscious mind from the subconscious. Anxiety, stress and tension would seem to leave the body during this experience, even as the mind feels sedated.

Isochronic tones are also used for brain wave entertainment. This is a more powerful type of brain wave stimulation where equal intensity tones with gradually increasing pulse speeds are used to synchronize the person's brain frequency with the rhythm of the sound. The brain is harmonized more efficiently with Isochronic tones as they use a more distinct and clean waveform. Although headphones are recommended for these tones, they can also be heard through regular stereo speakers.

Some people use clairvoyant crystals while listening to these sounds in order to facilitate them in entering altered states of consciousness or develop ESP and psychic abilities. Some people even wear these crystals as part of their jewelry. Since each person's mind is different, the outcome of these experiences would be different for each person.

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