Best Ways to Learn How to Meditate

Some people find it really hard to learn to meditate. Fortunately there are many options that you can try so that you can master this in your life. The first option is to learn to mediate by going to a retreat. This actually may be the best option for many. You will not have the day to day distractions and you are able to focus more on learning how to do this the right way. Many people have found these retreats to be really helpful and have returned several times to the same retreat. The calm relaxing environment that these places provide will be the best way for anyone to relax and unwind from their hectic lifestyles.

The second option to learn to meditate is to learn from a teacher. While you will be doing this at a retreat to do this in your own home town may be the most convenient and comfortable. Perhaps you do not have the time or money to spend two or three weeks away from your job? Then I would definitely look into this option next.

The next option would be to learn to meditate from a DVD/CD video course. This would be the best option if funds are really tight. If you can not afford a one to one teacher then practicing this on a day to day basis from your television or computer is the next best thing. Or perhaps you could supplement your video course training with some more personal attention.

A combination of the above three options can give you the most flexibility and allow you to learn from a variety of teachers. While you are away at a retreat you will get that training from a teacher that you may follow up with at home. Then you can supplement your meditation practice by listening to and watching a video course on the subject. The more experience you have the more likely you will master meditation quicker.

There are some books that may teach you how to learn to meditate but they may be just a bit esoteric and out of reach for some. If you do not have a firm grounding on the basics of meditation a book may just not help you. At the very least I would seek out and find a video course to supplement any book or guide. This way you can see and hear a master at this. The reinforcement will be really helpful as well.

The best way to learn to meditate is to practice on a daily basis. The masters you are learning from have probably spent decades learning how to control their breathing and their thoughts. Do you really think you would be able to get to their level in just a couple of weeks? Nope I do not think that is just possible. You can however get better in just a few weeks time however you must be diligent with this.

Learning how to meditate does not have to be as difficult as many may have told you. While you may not be able to master this quickly you can learn the basics rapidly and build form there. You must start from somewhere and build on each success with each day. Sooner or later you too may be the one who is teaching others how to meditate.

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