Appreciation and Gratitude – Great Ways To Reduce Stress!

We read so often these days about how important it is to appreciate and show gratitude towards everything we have in our lives. It is said that if we can develop an attitude of gratitude, we are then in a much better position to attract more joy, happiness, success, and peace into our life.

One great thing about introducing a regular habit of appreciation into everyday life is, that our focus is then definitely on what we have got and what is working. We are looking consciously for the good things as opposed to always thinking about what we haven't got or what isn't going well.

This has important implications for anyone who is looking for ways to reduce stress and anxiety in their life. After all the word "appreciate" actually means to "increase". It therefore follows that if we can focus on all the good things in our life we are much more likely to increase the likelihood of even more good things coming our way!

This all sounds very easy "just focus on the good things and be grateful!" What if, however, we just don't feel like being grateful? Sometimes we are exhausted, frustrated, stressed out and not in a good feeling place. We know that we "should" feel grateful and be appreciative but when we are in this mood it feels forced and we find it difficult to connect with any feelings of appreciation.

One of the most important things to do when this happens is to give ourselves a break. We are after all human beings with emotions! Life does often have its ups and downs. So, rather than force something that doesn't feel right or good we can be kind to ourself in the knowledge that things will become easier and we will get to a better feeling place. Often just this simple act of appreciating ourselves just the way we are can help us to shift our emotional state.

It is also great to bear in mind that if this practice of appreciation and gratitude is new to us it will take some time before it becomes a regular habit. It might feel a little cheesy or uncomfortable to start with, as we are not used to doing it. However, with the knowledge and understanding that the more we can tap into a sense of appreciation the more good things we will attract into our life, the easier it will become to make this exercise part of everyday living.

Your focus will soon change as you start to notice more and more of the great things around you. You will spend less time worrying about things you have no control over and you will be taking a great step towards reducing stress and achieving greater work life balance.

A great way of cultivating this habit is to include members of your family. For example, you can tell your partner what you appreciate about them and get them to return the favour. Children love doing this and are very responsive. It also gives everyone a chance to be more open with their feelings, something which we do not always make time for in our family life.

I am passionate about helping people to feel good about themselves and their lives. I love that coaching enables me to see people at their most amazing selves,! I am a qualified Life Coach, Yoga and Meditation teacher. I enjoy working with a number of UK Television personalities and coach individuals from all walks of life.

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