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Mindfulness is a form of meditation that can really help in trying to reduce the stress in your life. Mindfulness isn't about going off into some trance-like state: you can be mindful while brushing your teeth or washing dishes. It's not about chakras and lotus positions. It is about relaxing and clearing your mind to calm the 'noise' by being 'mindful' and open to the sounds and bodily sensations of the moment but not reacting to them in a way that amplifies the clamour in your mind.

We are a group of people interested in the subject of mindfulness and also in the real science behind it. We know that the brain is 'plastic' i.e. able to change and form new connections with training and adjustment. There is strong neuroscientific evidence that mindfulness can aid positive plastic change in the brain. Those changes may allow those employing these techniques to learn to better control their own emotional reactions in order to reduce stressful thoughts and feelings.

We hope that you find our website a useful resource in learning more about mindfulness. We are always open to suggestions about features and improvements for the site, so please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for visiting stressmindfulness.com and we wish you a peaceful and low-stress day.

The stressmindfulness.com team

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