A Simple Smiling Meditation Technique for Overall Vitality and Peace

The Power of a Smile

Every time you smile, the energy of your smile radiates into the Universe. When you smile, your liver gets rejuvenated, and if you smile at someone, they get energized as well because they feel the love and joy that your smile carries.

Before learning this mediation technique, I would have never thought of smiling at myself, let alone at each of my organs! However, I have observed since then how powerful the energy of a smile is, and never miss the opportunity to share it with others, loved ones and strangers alike, to help that joyful energy expand in the world. This simple exercise has incredible physical and mental benefits and will also help you get acquainted with your own energy.

A Simple Meditation Technique

Sit comfortably on the edge of a chair or crossed legged on a meditation cushion or blanket with your palms resting on your lap. You can also do this while lying down, as long as your head is not propped on a pillow, but flat on the same surface as the rest of your body, with your arms at your sides.

Close your eyes, keep them closed throughout the whole meditation, and breathe slowly into your belly until your breathing becomes naturally deep and slow.

Quickly scan your whole body to feel where there may be tension, and breathe into it to relax as much as possible. Once you are settled in a relaxed state, you can start the meditation.

Focus your attention on the third eye and think of something that brings you joy and makes you smile. It could be a person, a place, a pet, a situation, or anything you want; it doesn't matter, as long as it actually puts a smile on your face. Smile (yes, actually move your lips and smile) and focus on the feeling; watch the sensation and the energy it brings to your third eye and your head.

Hold the energy there for a moment and let it expand into your brain, allowing it to shower your brain and then your whole head with the joyful energy of your smile.

Now direct your attention and your smile to your heart. Hold it there for a few moments and smile into your heart, being grateful for all the hard work it does for you. Enjoy the feeling and allow that joy to permeate your heart.

Once you are ready to move on, bring the energy into your lungs. Feel the energy again and smile into your lungs, bringing them healing and joy, while you breathe deeply.

You can then direct the energy to your stomach. Feel the sensation again and smile into your stomach, bringing happiness and relaxation into it, allowing it to expand as you cover it with your smiling energy.

If you notice that you are no longer smiling, or that your mind has gotten distracted and away from your focus, bring the attention back to your third eye and think about what makes you smile again. Hold the feeling of joy and watch the energy expand, and then move it to a different organ in your body.

You should smile into your main organs, including your brain, heart, stomach, liver, pancreas, kidneys, spleen, intestines, and sexual organs. If you don't know where they are located, look them up on the internet or an anatomy book to make sure you are directing your energy to the right places.

After you have smiled into every vital organ, you can also go to specific places that may need more attention, or where there may currently be health issues.

Once you are done smiling at all your organs, go back to your third eye and think of what makes you smile again. Enjoy and expand the feeling and then bring it to the whole surface of your skin, showering it with all that joyful energy.

Go back to your third eye and just let it all sink in for a few moments. You can then open your eyes and come back to the outside world at your own pace.

Smiling Equals Loving Energy

As you practice this meditation regularly, you will move more quickly and cover your whole body with your smiling energy in a short period of time, so you can efficiently do this anywhere, as when you first wake up, when you get home from work, or if you have to spend time in a waiting room.

This meditation will bring energy, vitality, and health to your body, as well as a feeling of peace and contentment in your mind. Enjoy!

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