3 Most Important Questions in Beginners Meditation

These are most often asked questions by beginners in meditation practice:

1. How to concentrate, focus during meditation?

There are basically 5 main types of concentration in beginners meditation:

a) concentration on a single object;

b) Concentration on breathing;

c) Concentration on the whole body or certain parts of the body;

d) Concentration on music or sound;

e) Concentration on mantra

Beginners are often advised to start with concentration on breathing and/or single object, since it will easier shift them into a "stillness mode" and block the noise in their head. You can also begin "scanning" your whole body with your "inner eye" until it relaxes gradually. Watch your rhythmic breath. Maintaining correct upright posture is most imperative thing in sitting meditations.

Remember: When everything else fails, the right meditation posture is the only thing that can preserve you from distractions and shift into the safe haven of stillness and awareness!

2. Can it heal your body?

Yes it CAN and it WILL, if you:

a)Enjoy meditation,

b)Believe in it, and

c)Are persistent in it.

Above three are the preconditions to succeed.

3. What is the right Posture?

In the pursuit of the "right" Meditation posture you need to remember one most often violated rule: - No Slumping! Slumping is the simple most common fault I've seen in people's meditation postures.

A slumped posture does not allow us to be alert, relaxed and to remain aware while meditating. Most importantly, it impedes and locks up breathing and energy circulation.

Here are 6 basic principles of Correct Posture:

1.Your spine should be upright, following its natural tendency to be slightly hollowed.

You should neither be slumped nor have an exaggerated hollow in your lower spine.

2. Your spine should be relaxed.

3. Your shoulders relaxed, and slightly rolled back and down.

4. Your hands supported, resting on your lap, so that your arms and shoulders are fully relaxed.

5. Your head should be balanced evenly, with your chin slightly tucked in. The back of your neck should be relaxed, long, and open.

6. Your face should be relaxed, with your brows smooth, your eyes, jaw and tongue relaxed and a tip of your tongue slightly touching the back of your teeth.

These are most basic tips for beginners meditation. In advanced stages of meditation you can learn how to fuse yourself with the wholeness of the Universe and all inside it.

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