3 Benefits of Mediation That COULD Change Your Life (They Definitely Did Mine!)

If you are looking for a few good reasons to start mediating, I've written THIS article with YOU in mind!

Why? Because in my experience, most people won't take action on trying something new until they are 100% sure that the benefits, or the results, are WELL worth the time, effort and energy it takes to make them happen.

When it comes to mediation, words simply do NOT do justice to the sorts of life changing experiences you can have. I have said this more than once.......but the simple truth is, learning to meditate has been the very BEST investment I've made in myself, my future and my day to day happiness, bar none......PERIOD.

But you may NOT yet be so sure, right?

Maybe you aren't 100% certain what you should expect, or how your life will change when you begin to meditate. If that sounds like you, I'm going to share 3 of the BIGGEST benefits I've personally experienced, with the hopes that you too will see the light. (no pun intended!)

The FIRST life changing benefit: Anger, envy and anxiety melted away

Do I ever still get anxious or angry? Absolutely. But now I have the tools, and the techniques to deal with them right away. (no more wallowing in states of mind that are counterproductive, disempowering and harmful to myself, and to those around me) Negative emotions like those above literally seem to melt away from mediation, and it's almost impossible to stay angry or anxious when you incorporate mindfulness into your daily life. (because you see it for what it really is....and it just disappears!)

The SECOND life changing benefit: More HAPPINESS, beauty and bliss (and a philosophy of fearlessness as well!)

You really begin to see the beauty in everything around you. A flower. A stranger. Even witnessing an argument can reveal the true underlying nature of passion, and love of the people involved.....no longer do I see hate, and jealously and fear when people passionately disagree! The truth is, meditation teaches you that there truly is nothing to fear. And that life unfolds in this miraculous and mysterious way that is to be embraced, warts and all. This has led to an incredible amount of empowerment, as living without fear is truly an experience that allows you to be, and feel alive, awake and AWARE.....often for the very first time in our lives.

The last big benefit? The gift of enhanced intuition, and awareness

Or, said more succinctly - the cultivation of psychic abilities. And while I'm not going to go into incredible depth in this article, being able to access non ordinary states of awareness, being able to sense, or even "see" things before they happen, is not only an incredibly transformative experience, it's also a whole lot of fun as well. I've had more "hard to explain" things happen in my life since starting to meditate, that to describe them all would make me sound like a new age nut! Suffice it to say, not only are they 100% true... many other meditators admit the same sort of stuff regularly happens to them as well. (and is often one of the biggest reasons many people begin, to boot!)

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