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Mindful meditation is being used to help with a range of problems

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Sarah Matheson, Oxford Mail: Mindfulness meditation has gone viral. With its adoption by the medical establishment, it is now considered one of the most effective treatments for a whole range of conditions from depression, anxiety and addiction to eating disorders and chronic pain. Its success is widely documented with intriguing evidence of ...

The benefits of meditation

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Ellie Donahue-Miller, The Brock Press: Meditation is not a new concept. Mindfulness and meditation have been used by some cultures for centuries. The incorporation of these practices into Western culture, though, is relatively new and it offers promising benefits. Although there are few conclusive studies that document the health benefits of ...

The Power of Mindfulness: a four-week course starting Feb 3, 2014

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Do you want to be calmer, happier, and experience more freedom from stress? Mindfulness has been clinically proven to reduce stress, promote feelings of wellbeing, and improve mental and physical health. The next Power of Mindfulness online course starts February 3, 2014. It’s a four-week meditation course that’s accessible 24 hours ...